The Wash

Desserts and drinks

Mon-Sat 7 pm - 11 pm 


Provo’s ‘car wash turned late-night urban eatery’ is here to satisfy every craving! So drink up, eat well and soak up the aesthetic

The Wash is an experience like no other in Provo. Previously the Cougar Car Wash, this new urban eatery combines a modern, classy feel while still maintaining the heritage of its former glory. The Wash tastefully fills a void as a late-night eatery missing in a college town that is lacking a college scene and destination. It’s the perfect date spot. It’s the perfect hangout spot. It’s a place where you can buy friends a round, satisfy your sweet tooth, or just soak up a good atmosphere!

Photographer: Sydney Christoffersen


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1195 North

Provo, UT, 84604